We build lasting partnerships with our clients serving as their trusted advisor and problem solver.

A true partnership is a two-way street. We are grateful for clients that embrace mutual trust and a resect for one another’s expertise.

Serving Colorado and beyond. Tailored solutions for businesses ranging from 25 to 500 employees.

Innovation Safeguarded by Security

"For the past 10 years CKT has kept us the forefront of innovation without taking unnecessary risks and our security is always a top priority."

-C.M., CKT client since 2009

Elevating Operations with Common Knowledge

“When our sole IT staff member retired, we sought an IT partner who could help us harness technology to enhance our organization's operations. Common Knowledge has truly excelled in supporting our progress in this regard.”

-A.H., CKT client since 2022

Comprehensive and Responsible

“What stands out the most about CKT is their financial responsibility. They managed our expenses efficiently while delivering comprehensive solutions.”

-D.S., CKT client since 2022

20+ Years of IT Excellence

“We've relied on CKT to keep our IT systems relevant safe and up to date for over 20 years”

-B.B., CKT client since 2003

Unlocking Productivity and Savings

“Since working with Common Knowledge Technology, we have had tremendous reliability with little to no downtime. I have no doubt that this has produced significant savings and increased productivity. The responsiveness from the entire CKT staff is outstanding. We have offices all over the United States and keeping open lines of communication are vital. CKT makes sure each office feels important to them. They are willing to look outside the box and find customized solutions to fit our specific requests while still respecting budget and timing needs. CKT manages all aspects of our IT with a very high level of integrity. I would highly recommend working with them and know that you can’t go wrong in choosing CKT.”

E.S., CKT client since 2009

IT from Internal Effort to Excellence

“IT as a service is far superior to IT as an internal effort. The help desk is always available for individual and unique issues, and CKT’s management approach to customer service and consistent feedback requires us to focus on IT periodically as opposed to only when there is a problem. All prior efforts were managed by internal staff, and IT tended toward a technical sand box as opposed to a reliable service. Outsourcing IT creates a solid foundation without stifling innovation.”

P.Z., CKT client since 2014

Seamless Cloud Migration

“The help and guidance of CKT is so valuable. We had a project to migrate our existing database to the Cloud. Two previous companies failed to lead us through. CKT listened to our concerns and needs, found the perfect specialist to help with the migration, and helped us achieve a goal that we had for 10 years in just 4 months. The help desk is always there to help with little day to day items that pop up to keep things running smoothly. The documentation and communication to our management team is top notch.”

A.R., CKT client since 2017

Streamlining Your Priorities

“IT support is nothing I need to be concerned with. It’s nice for me not to have to worry about our IT support or access as CKT covers it for me. In running a business, there are so many things that need my attention. At the end of the day, what’s very helpful is that CKT does a great job in communicating only the important issues, freeing me up to focus on other business needs.”

D.S., CKT client since 2009

A Trusted Partner in IT

“We’ve appreciated CKT’s IT vision which has been tailored to our business and grounded in real world applications. The combination of tech, processes, and training is key to not experiencing any security breaches and we feel confident about the future. The team at CKT is very attentive to our needs and responds quickly to requests. When CKT realizes a product/service is not the right fit for us, they fight on our behalf which speaks volumes for how they have our best interests in mind.”

N.F., CKT client since 2017

Seamless Transition to Remote Work

“When the “work from home” requirement came through, CKT had already laid the foundations and it only took me a few minutes to get everyone set up and running. Our team switched to working remotely with hardly a blip. It wouldn’t have happened without CKTs remote and on-site help. Because of your work, our work continues.”

N.B., CKT client since 2019

Round-the-Clock Support

“One of the best offerings from CKT is the access to 24/7/365 assistance from the help desk. Our operations are not limited to 9-5 hours in the office, and having access to our individual IT rep and/or the CKT Help desk regardless of time/location is huge! CKT reps don’t treat us like “computer illiterates” when discussing the problems we’re having. Good IT services are not cheap, but CKT provides the best value for the money. In the business world, working with a good IT company is the same as having good insurance. You may sometimes wonder if it’s worth spending the money--until something happens and you’re glad you have it.”

K.M., CKT client since 2009

Dedication to Details

“CKT has a quick response time to any of our issues. They know the importance of software/technology in our daily use and work with us to maintain the security and reliability of our computers/electronics. CKT is great. They take care of all the little things so we can focus on our company.”

P.B., CKT client since 2014

One-Stop Help Desk Solution

“CKT really makes us feel like we have an IT professional on our staff. Having one point of help desk contact for all IT related items has been a great benefit for our employees. Our employees know to make one call or email to CKT first and more often than not the question is solved in that initial encounter. The speedy response time to submitted tickets is very helpful to keeping our teams productive. CKT has greatly helped us feel confident that we are protected against threats and is very transparent about when updates need to be made to our network and layers of security.”

M.A., CKT client since 2009

Business Focus and IT Dependability

“I have confidence knowing that Common Knowledge Technology fully manages all of our IT. This frees up my time as a business owner to be spent working on my business. I have worked with CKT for 14+ years because of their reliability and trustworthiness. If you want dependability with your IT and resources to keep up with the changing times, your solution should be the team at CKT.”

C.H., CKT client since 2009

Where Expertise Meets Genuine Care

“They have quick response times to support issues and consistently help us with forward planning for our business. CKT is easy to work with, progressive and proactive. Their staff has high levels of expertise and most importantly they’re great people who care.”

T.C., CKT client since 2010

Your Peace of Mind

“What a stress relief to not have to worry about updates and outages! I just make a phone call and I know whatever issue we’re having is being worked on promptly. I’ve had nothing but success with Common Knowledge Technology. Everyone I’ve worked with at CKT office has been nothing but helpful!"

J.G., CKT client since 2015

Your Partner in Small Business IT Success

“We’re a small company (without a dedicated IT person) and trust Common Knowledge Technology to take care of our IT needs. CKT has been a valuable partner in addressing urgent issues as well as maintaining a healthy network. The team at CKT focuses on understanding what’s most important about your business and tailoring IT solutions for your needs.”

M.R., CKT client since 2013