Google has started using machine learning to understand what users are looking for within their email.

Google has reported that it has enhanced its email search to produce more relevant results by paying closer attention to previous searches.

Although the email provider already offered a search feature with various filters and parameters to aid users in finding relevant material in a cluttered inbox, it is important to note that these features only partially exploit the platform's possibilities.

Google has confirmed the update by stating that customers would see an enhanced email search experience while utilizing the web browser interface. According to the company, searching the inbox through the web browser offers improved search results based on your previous search activity. As a result, it's anticipated that Gmail's search results will be more accurate, resulting in a better user experience.

Users must allow Web and App Activity in their Google account to utilize contextual search in Gmail.

The improved search function was made public along with additional updates, like the ability to share files in Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides over Google Meet chat.

All users accessing Gmail through a web browser can utilize the enhanced search feature. However, users may notice little of a change right away. Since the improved search uses data from previous searches, it may take some time for Gmail to personalize your experience. In addition, the improvements are accessible to all Google Workspace and G Suite subscribers.

With Google's recent AI and machine learning updates, Gmail is making more intelligent guesses about what people might want to search. This means that users might get more accurate results quicker the next time they look for specific content within their inbox.

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