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Our unique approach - because one size does not fit all

At Common Knowledge Technology our methodology adjusts for your business and customizes the approach in order to provide maximum value.

There is a spectrum of managed services philosophies where on one hand, if you make no changes to your system is will be the most stable and also make the most money for the IT solution provider. On the other hand, if you stay on the bleeding edge, you can incorporate the latest technologies into your business providing the best competitive advantage. However, stability will usually suffer and all the problems will cost the IT solution provider their profitability on your contract.

The key is providing the right spot on the spectrum for YOUR business. We customize the approach for each of our clients to provide them the maximum value.

We also carefully select our technology partners at a strategic level, not just looking at the specific technology of the day but seeing if they have the vision and ability to execute for the long term.

From those partners, we have a set of tools or building blocks on which we can build you a custom solution. There may be a variety of premise based and cloud based technologies that are standards in their own right, but combined in a unique way that is customized to your business.

The combination of the right spot on the philosophy spectrum and the right technical solution gives you a customized technology strategy that will maximize value for your business.