Small / Medium Business Solutions

SMB owners require the same foresite, planning, and follow up that any enterprise might, but with a greater degree of attention, commitment, and loyalty.  CKT delivers the highest level of customer service on an outsourced basis, allowing you to control costs and build for the future.  We can assist you in every aspect of technology, from server, desktop, to Internet connectivity, both in deployment and on going maintenance.  We take pride in being the trusted business partner for each of our clients!

Are you running your business or your technology?

Chances are you neither have time nor inclination to become a computer expert in addition to everything else you have to take on. Your technology needs to work for you and costs must be controlled, but how do you maintain focus on daily business?

Are you maximizing your technology investment?

That's where Common Knowledge Technology can help. We understand both small business and how technology can be used within your unique environment.

What makes us different?

At Common Knowledge Technology, we endeavor to understand your business. Our goal is to identify what you need from technology and devise the best solution for you. Only when your technology is carefully matched with the goals and objectives of your business can you receive the maximum return on your technology investment, and be best positioned to help your business succeed.

Is your technology aligned with your business goals?

All to often, technology enters the office without solid business reasons behind its deployment. In some cases, you begin working to support your technology instead of it supporting you. Common Knowledge uses trusted name brand products. We adhere to best practices that provide a stable, proven, technology environment that your business can use as a tool to succeed.

Does your technology change with your business?

Every business has its own way of doing things, and our Technology Management program is customized to support the way you do business. The program provides a comprehensive technology solution that covers maintenance, strategic planning and technology reviews. Many of our clients find these reviews invaluable as they ensure that your technology plan is prepared for changes in your business.

Does your technology support change over time?

Common Knowledge always adjusts our services to your current business situation and earns your business at every turn. We build long-term relationships without the use of long term contracts. We commit to you that we will be there when, and how you need us.

Your business needs you.

                   We'll take care of your technology.

Small Business Solutions

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