Customers - Managed Services

New! Hosted Groupwise Enterprise Email

Looking for Enterprise email features like shared calendars, contacts and mailboxes, organization tools like sub folders and categories, read and delivery receipts, but don't want the upfront costs of a server?  CKT is proud to offer Novell's GroupWise as a managed service, giving you access to your mail and enterprise features securely via web access or locally installed client. 

Demo!  Hosted Novell Teaming

Stay tuned for more details to come about this exciting collabrative solution!  Using the SiteScape acquisition as its starting point, Novell has created this powerful answer to shared workspaces, teaming and project collaboration.

Customers - Hosted Services

CPanel POP3 Hosted Email

In direct response to our customers who had basic email services with another provider, were frustrated at that providers slow or non existent support, and just wanted their mail "to work", or wanted to easily change from a MSN, AOL, Yahoo domain to one that better represents their business name and brand, we have deployed CPanel based POP3 mail services. 

CPanel POP3 Hosted Websites

In direct response to our customers who had basic web hosting services with another provider, were frustrated at that providers slow or non existent support, and just wanted their site "to work"...story sound familiar?  Just as POP3 above, we hosted our own version of the most commonly used hosting tool, CPanel. 

New! Juniper's Secure Meeting

This service allows our customers to meet, share desktops, applications, and files with fellow employees, clients, and vendors in a secure, shared space generated on a one time, as you need it basis.  Contact us now for a login account and to schedule you next event.

Customers - Help Desk Services

New! Help Desk Shared Desktop (for Windows XP/2003/2000)
New! Help Desk Shared Vista Desktop (for Windows Vista - 32 bit only)

Use these links to get the appropriate access to allow our engineers remote access to your desktop to speed up resolution, show them the issue you are seeing or allow them to demonstrate tips or tools.  By sharing your desktop live with our engineers we are able to better assist you, avoid lengthy efforts to convery technical symptoms or steps, and speed up resolution!

Help Desk FTP

 Need the ability to transfer files but have heard the scary stories about FTP?  Allow CKT to host your FTP for you, using Novell's SuSE Linux Enterprise Server we built your business a virtual FTP site, allowing your vendors or remote workers to transfer files without opening your network to security risks.

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